SMV Signs

Collisions between motorists and heavy equipment are a sad staple of evening news reports. Often, the resulting expenses of insurance and multi-million dollar legal settlements are surpassed only by the tragic human cost of death or serious, debilitating injury.

With Safe Lites BrightZone Safety Signs (patent pending), a small increase in material cost now can mean enormous savings down the road.

These signs, using the breakthrough GlowSkin® technology, are a major improvement on the current reflective standards. Because they create their own light source, they are more visible, from greater distances, from wider angles, and in more challenging weather conditions than any other signage on the market.

And because of the type of light they emit, they do not destroy or impair night vision, making it easier for motorists to gauge distances, speeds and shapes.

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What Our Customers Say:

“We have found the EL technology to be far superior…”
- Metropolitan Airports Commission


More Information:

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