Recreational Clothing

GlowSkin makes outdoor apparel and recreation equipment stand out! For manufacturers of apparel, recreation equipment, and accessories, GlowSkin makes jackets, backpacks, and any recreational products dramatically different from their competitors’.

The GlowSkin brand is the highest grade of electroluminescent (EL) lighting available… anywhere. For decades companies have integrated EL technology into a variety of applications, most notably TIMEX Indiglo® watches and the keypads in the Motorola® RAZR phone. Recent advances make applications durable enough to work in the harshest conditions and stand up to domestic laundering. GlowSkin systems can also incorporate animation for a very custom, cool look!

Safe Lites works with companies that want to enhance their already successful and new products through the addition of active illumination to improve usefulness, safety, or just make them cooler!

Applications include:

  • Outerwear
  • Accessories
  • Bags & Backpacks
  • Tents & Shelters

In addition to getting attention, GlowSkin Active Illumination Technology offers:

  • A high degree of customization: choose nearly any color, size, or shape.
  • A variety of lighting levels: varying levels of brightness, fading, flashing, and animation of specific segments in defined sequences.
  • Powered by batteries as small as button batteries to rechargeable Lithium battery systems, DC vehicle power, or AC wall plugs.

Setting the Standard

The Safest
GlowSkin meets all of the latest safety standards, such as GFCI-like breakers & UL Listed or equivalent certification.

The Most Durable
GlowSkin has no filament, so it will stand up to any vibration, punctures, and will even work if torn. It is also completely weatherproof and protected from UV.

The Most Flexible
GlowSkin is physically pliable. It also can be applied to nearly any surface.

The Most Visible
GlowSkin is visible through debris in the air (smoke, dust, rain, fog, snow, etc.) and does not affect night vision because it glows rather than shines out.

The Coolest
GlowSkin not only gets noticed and looks cool, but it also generates very little heat – making it perfect for all conditions.