Designing with GlowSkin

The decision to incorporate GlowSkin into your successful product as an enhancement is not trivial, and the design process working with Safe Lites is equally thought out. We have a proven method of designing and developing the right GlowSkin system for your applications, based on the high-level outline below:

  1. Agree on potential application(s) for GlowSkin Active Illumination Technology in your existing (or new) product.
  2. Jointly determine preliminary specifications:
    1. Lamp size, shape, color, brightness, animation, etc.
    2. Power source and requirements
    3. Business model (cost/margin requirements, sales/distribution channel, etc.)
    4. Switching mechanism (pushbutton, slide, photocell, closure, etc.)
    5. Others
  3. Prototyping and/or pre-production sample
  4. Acceptance or modifications
  5. Finalize GlowSkin system specifications
  6. Production

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